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Project NameLocationCountryClientCapacityTotal Project CostServicesDurationProject Status
Guddu Combined Cycle PPGuddu, District JacobabadPakistanWAPDA747 MW $600.00 Jan-10 to Dec-16Ongiong
Oil Fired TP StationMohra Jabal, District JamshoroPakistanWAPDA3x210 MW $800.00 Jan-87 to May-92Completed
Fluidized Bed TPPKhanot, District JamshoroPakistanWAPDA3x350 MW $44.00 Jan-90 to Jun-96Completed
Current Dependable Capacity and Heat Rate TestsJamshoro , Guddu and MuzaffargarhPakistanAEAI, USAID $20.40 Jan-13 to Jun-15Completed
Diesel Power StationSaindak, District ChagaiPakistanResource Development Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd.50 MW $20.00 Jun-91 to Jan-96Completed
Combined Cycle PPJarwar, GhotkiPakistanStar Power Generation Ltd. (ETA, UAE)123 MW $16.97 Feb-04 to Feb-05Completed
Fateh Textile MillsCoal Fired TPPLakhra,District JamshoroPakistanFateh Textile Mills Ltd. 200 MW $11.00 Sep-06 to Mar-08Completed
Bhola Gas -Fired Combined TPPBhola District PakistanBangladesh Power Development Board150-225 MW $10.65 Dec-09 to Jun-10Completed
RLNG Fired Combined Cycle TPPBin Qasim, KarachiPakistanEngro Powergen Limited225 MW $6.00 Mar-15 to May-15Completed
Saif Combined Cycle TPPQadarabad, District SahiwalPakistanSaif Power Limited200 MW $5.57 Jul-05 to Jan-06Completed
TPS ExtensionMuzaffargarhPakistanWAPDA $5.40 Nov-94 to Oct-97Completed
TP Station ExtensionMuzaffargarhPakistanWAPDA $5.20 May-91 to Nov-96Completed
Unit 5 Bin Qasim TPPBin Qasim,KarachiPakistanBlack & Veatch, USA220 MW $5.00 Apr-94 to Jul-96Completed
Imported Coal Based TPPBin Qasim, KarachiPakistanSiddiqsons Ltd.350 MW $5.00 Jan-15 to Apr-15Completed
Reciprocating Engines Based Power PlantShah Kot, District Nankana SahibPakistanLeading Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. 200 MW $4.50 Jan-08 to Nov-08Completed
Thermal Power PlantPasrur ,District SialkotPakistanShahpur Energy Limited, Lahore150 MW $4.40 May-08 to Dec-08Completed
Sapphire Combined Cycle Power ProjectMuridke, District SheikhupuraPakistanSapphire Electric Company (Pvt.) Ltd.200 MW $4.00 Feb-05 to Sep-05Completed
OPCOL Combined Cycle PPBalloki, District KasurPakistanOrient Power Company, Lahore400 MW $3.51 Feb-04 to Jun-04Completed
Coal Based TPP LILAHPind Dadan Khan, District Jhelum PakistanElektro Power Private Limited50 MW $3.50 Aug-10 to Jan-11Completed
Rupali Power ProjectSheikhupuraPakistanRupali Industries Ltd.450 MW $3.00 Jul-94 to Jun-95Completed
Combined Cycle Power PlantSahiwalPakistanWAPDA1800 MW $2.50 Dec-92 to May-93Completed
Jamshoro TPPMohra Jabal, District JamshoroPakistanSouthern Energy, USA120 MW $2.50 Jan-96 to Dec-96Completed
Co-Generation PPKarachiPakistanREMCO $2.00 Jan-86 to Dec-87Completed
Qesham PPQeshm IslandPakistanETA, UAE166 MW $2.00 Feb-05 to Apr-05Completed
Diesel Engine Combined Cycle TPPChichokimilian / Nandi Pur and FaisalabadPakistanWAPDA200 MW $1.65 Nov-06 to Jan-07Completed
Jamshoro TPSMohra Jabal, District JamshoroPakistanOECF / JBIC $1.40 Apr-99 to Jun-99Completed
Korangi Combined Cycle PPKorangi, KarachiKenyaFauji Foundation, Islamabad150 MW $1.17 Feb-04 to Aug-04Completed
Captive PPKarachi PakistanPakistan International Airline (PIA), Karachi25 MW $1.00 Mar-99 to Aug-00Completed
Simulator for KESKarachiPakistanKESC $0.50 Jan-88 to Dec-88Completed